Engine Room. Log Book Entries

Log books are an important part of daily routines that are carried out onboard ships for they help to keep together all the records of what is happening inside the ship. An engine room log book is a track record of all ship machinery parameters, performance, maintenance, and malfunctions.

The recorded values and information are used as a reference, to compare and record data that can be used for insurance claim if some accidents take place.

A responsible marine engineer watch keeper has to fill the log book for his/her own watch period without fail, along with the signature of all watch keepers for their concerned watch timings. Chief engineer also must counter sign this book every day to make sure all the entries are being filled in it as per the company requirement.

Following entries must be filled in the engine room Log Book:

  • Date and voyage where the ship is heading
  • The position of the ship ( at sea, at port or at anchorage)
  • Readings and parameters of main propulsion engine
  • Readings and parameters of auxiliary engine (Generators)
  • Readings and parameters of other running machineries
  • Main engine RPM and Load on the Engine
  • Speed of the ship in knots
  • Daily entry for all the lube oil ROB ( Rest or Remaining onboard)
  • Daily entry for all grade of fuel oil remaining onboard
  • Remaining onboard value of sludge and bilge
  • Running hour counter for important machinery
  • Running details of oil pollution prevention equipment (Time and Position)
  • Record of any major breakdown and reason for the same
  • Record of incident or accident in the engine room (Fire, Flooding etc.)
  • Record of grounding, collision and other accidents
  • Record of major overhauling of important machineries
  • Record of all bunkering operation (Time, Place and quantity)
  • Remarks for Surveys and PSC inspection operation
  • Remarks for additional work done in a watch
  • Record of all sludge and garbage
  • Signature of the concerned watch keeper
  • Signature of Chief engineer to make sure all entries are in position


A Pocket Guide To Engine Room Watchkeeping on Ships - Anish Wankhede [2013]

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