An incinerator is used on board ships to burn oil, sludge and other waste from low grade oil. With stringent regulation on air pollution, the use of incinerator has been minimized.

Incinerator has similar arrangement as that of boiler i.e. a burner and a furnace. Incinerator is used to burn the solid and fuel waste whereas boiler is purely used to heat water.


  • Switch ON the cooling fan and pre-purge the incinerator
  • Open the diesel oil valve to the incinerator
  • Open the valve to the oil pump and return to the waste oil tank
  • Start the fuel oil pump to the burner and check the pressure
  • Open air/steam valve for atomisation
  • Start the firing sequence of the incinerator burner and fire in diesel for 10 minutes with waste burning
  • After 10 minutes, changeover only to waste oil and ensure that the waste oil is heated up to 90 °C for combustion
  • Adjust the flow adjustment valve at the burner entrance to match the incineration condition
  • Check exhaust for white/black smoke
  • Ensure that the oil pressure is under normal running condition

“If any abnormal noise or smell comes from the incinerator, immediately stop the combustion and shut the diesel oil and waste oil valves. Start purging of the incinerator and inspect the cause.”


  • Prior to stopping the incinerator, changeover to diesel oil and run it for at least 15 minutes
  • Close the waste oil tank valve
  • Gradually close the flow adjustment valve to adjust the incineration process
  • Stop the burner i.e. the combustion process
  • Start cooling fan for post purging for sufficient time (some makers provide cooling time of 4 hours after stopping the incinerator)
  • Close diesel valve and air/ steam atomization valves

“Do not turn the breaker off after the incinerator is completely stopped, as the cooling fan must run for a given time, or else overheating and damage to the equipment may occur.”

Procedure for burning waste oil

  • Fill the incinerator waste oil service tank with waste oil
  • Open the steam inlet to the waste oil service tank
  • Drain water from waste oil service tank
  • Open the incinerator waste oil pump inlet and outlet valves
  • Open the atomizing air to the burner
  • Start the waste oil pump
  • The waste oil pump will run until the low level of waste service tank is reached
  • Once the temperature of flu gases reduces below 160 Deg. C, the door interlock will open

“ Never Burn Aerosol spray cans and similar explosive articles in the incinerator”

Procedure for burning solid waste

  • Ensure to reduce the size of solids for efficient burning inside the furnace
  • Remove the remaining ash from the furnace before burning the solid waste
  • Warm up the furnace before charging it with solid waste
  • Avoid overstuffing the furnace with high calorific material such as plastic, cardboards, oil rags etc.
  • Ensure the furnace fans are running while the solid waste is burning

“ When burning solid and waste oil together, reduce the rate of waste oil burning to avoid overheat trip”


The Ultimate Guide to Operating Procedures of Engine Room Machinery. Anish Wankhede [2014]

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