Wärtsilä W50DF – Properties & Conclusions


  • Most powerful four-stroke dualfuel engine
  • Simple and robust design
  • Controlled by an advanced automation system


  • High output with fuel flexibility
  • Low emission rates
  • Provides the same output with natural gas or on LFO/HFO


  • A pilot fuel ignited lean-burn gas engine
  • Instant switch-over capability to back-up fuel
  • Monoblock injection pump and engine-driven pilot fuel pump


  • Long component lifetime and time between overhauls
  • Hydraulic jack for easy manoeuvring of the bearing cap
  • Large scale of common components with Wärtsilä 32DF and Wärtsilä 46


  • Basic design from Wärtsilä 46 engine
  • Anti-polishing ring consept
  • Proven lean-burn technology with conventional diesel fuel technology


  • A large opening into the crankcase and camshaft to facilitate checking and maintenance
  • The three-piece connecting rod allows inspection of the big end bearing without removal of the piston, and piston overhaul without dismantling the big end bearing
  • The camshaft is built of identical cylinder segments fastened to intermediate bearing pieces
  • The pilot fuel pump is located in the free end of the engine
  • Easy access to the piping systems is obtained by removing the insulating panels
  • Electrically controlled gas admission valves reduce the need for mechanical parts and periodic adjustments
  • A resiliently mounted insulating box provides easy access to the exhaust system

Condition-based maintenance

Condition-based maintenance

  • Available as standard support for Wärtsilä 50DF
  • Monthly report from Wärtsilä on status of engine condition and recommendations for corrective actions resulting in:
    • Optimized life-cycle efficiency
    • Minimized environmental impact
    • Optimized operating economy

Global service support

Global service support

  • Commissioning
  • Operation, maintenance, technical and CBM support
  • Training
  • Parts
  • Field service
  • Workshop and ship repair services
  • Reconditioning, upgrades and modernization services
  • O&M agreements
  • Online services
  • Wärtsilä Service product areas

W50DF marine installation targets

W50DF marine installation targets

  • DF-electric LNG (liquefied natural gas) carriers
  • Main configurations
    • 6L50DF
    • 9L50DF
    • 12V50DF
  • No extra auxiliary engines are needed since the generating sets are covering the vessels total electrical need
    • Propulsion motors
    • Thrusters
    • The remaining hotel load

W50DF power plant installation targets

W50DF power plant installation targets

  • W50DF Gas Power Plants
  • Main configurations
    • 6L50DF
    • 12V50DF
    • 18V50DF
  • Full plant output in Hot, High and Dry conditions
  • No need for high pressure gas, ~5 bar adequate
  • Normal start up time ~10 min from hot stand-by to full plant load.



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